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Discourse Marker Lexicon

Inventory Acronym: 
Applied Computational Linguistics, University of Potsdam (Germany)
Manfred Stede, Tatjana Scheffler
Contact person(s): 
Manfred Stede
via contact person
Languages covered: 
Inventory Size: 
270 tokens
Type of Devices: 
single- and multiword connectives
Information provided for each DSD: 
syntax features, PDTB-3 senses
Origins of the inventory: 
inspired by Pasch et al (2003): Handbuch der deutschen Konnektoren
Version number, release date: 
2.0, January 2017
Previous versions and their release dates: 
1.0, 2002
1.1, 2015
Citation (text format): 
M. Stede. DiMLex: A Lexical Approach to Discourse Markers.In: A. Lenci, V. Di Tomaso (eds.): Exploring the Lexicon - Theory and Computation. Alessandria (Italy): Edizioni dell'Orso, 2002.
Citation (bibTeX format): 
@incollection{Stede:02, author = {Manfred Stede}, title = {Di{M}{L}ex: A Lexical Approach to Discourse Markers}, booktitle = {Exploring the Lexicon - Theory and Computation}, year = {2002}, editors = {A. Lenci and V. Di Tomaso}, publisher = {Edizioni dell'Orso}, address = {Alessandria}}
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